A Message From Simulation in Motion Montana

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Wednesday, Dec 18, 2019

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? This is both my debut blog and my first social media post. How am I doing so far? My name is Drew Dawson, I am the Chair of Simulation in Motion Montana, Inc., and I want to be the first to welcome you to our Facebook Page (see button below)! For over two years our Project Partner, Best Practice Medicine LLC has worked hard to get the good news about our unique program out to the world by donating space and resources in their social media ecosystem (Keep an eye out for the hashtag #SIMMT on their sites). I look forward to continuing this practice on our own social media platforms beginning with this page. #newguy #oldguy #telegraphsweremyday.

After a long state and Federal EMS career, I was ready to retire when I returned from Washington D.C. in 2015. I did not know that Jim DeTienne, Supervisor of EMS and Trauma Systems (EMSTS) at the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) and a group of really motivated Montana EMS folks and other health care providers were working on a proposal to the Helmsley Charitable Trust to bring a mobile high-fidelity simulation program to rural EMS, critical access hospitals, and other health care providers. Being an astute clinician, Jim quickly recognized and pounced on my “EMS withdrawal” signs and symptoms and honored me with a request to become involved with the Board of Directors—the volunteer group overseeing the program now known as Simulation in Motion, Montana Inc.

Wow!!! What a whirlwind of activity in the last few years has been, including:

This public-private partnership has enabled the establishment of a world-class high-fidelity mobile simulation program right here in our Montana “backyard” and made it accessible to EMS, Critical Access Hospitals, and other health care providers at costs comparable to traditional training programs. The phenomenal partnership with the Montana clinician owned and founded Best Practice Medicine, LLC, including the incredible commitment, dedication, and talent of their staff, resulted in the achievement of becoming the first and only mobile simulation program accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSIH). Right here in Montana, health care providers have access to the very latest simulation equipment and the most up-to-date course content provided by Certified Healthcare Simulation Educators®.

Over six thousand of you have been “touched” by SIM-MT through the hundreds of events that have been offered throughout Montana. Our ultimate goal is to improve patient care and many accolades we’ve received seem to confirm we’re doing just that.

We know, and the evidence unequivocally proves that High-Fidelity Simulation:

  1. Improves Patient Outcomes
  2. Reduces Preventable Medical Error
  3. Increases Healthcare Team Performance
  4. Identifies Latent Patient Safety Threats

There is also a strong ethical case to be made for the wholesale integration of High-Fidelity Simulation into healthcare.

SIM-MT provides an incredible opportunity for the education of Montana healthcare providers allowing them to remain current with the latest evidence-based practice guidelines in an extremely cost-effective manner and in an excellent learning environment.

SIM-MT has received an outstanding financial “kick start” from The Leona M. & Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust and educational leadership and operational expertise through the partnership with Best Practice Medicine, LLC, I am excited to share that as a result of the program’s initial success, SIM-MT, in partnership with the MMA, is in the process of hiring an Executive Director and a Development Director to continue our momentum and truly achieve financial independence and long term sustainability. grow and to sustain the program. Through a combination of program revenue, philanthropy, and grants, our goal is to continue to expand the services of SIM-MT.

In our quest to develop an outstanding mobile high-fidelity simulation education program for Montana’s healthcare providers, we relied heavily on the expertise of the marketing team at BPM to help us build brand recognition and outreach. I, along with my colleagues on the board of directors and advisory council, our partners at MMA and BPM are thrilled to be taking this next step in the maturing of SIM-MT, the premier mobile simulation program in the world. Thank you for engaging with us, and for your continued support of Simulation in Motion Montana, Inc.

~Drew Dawson; Board Chair