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Monday, Jan 31, 2022


                          Krista Elkins, BA, RN, NRP, CFRN, CCP-C


Simulation in Motion - Montana (SIM-MT) utilizes state-of-the-art simulators.  They are high-fidelity manikins that breathe, bleed, and talk.  They have pulses, pupillary responses, and life-like physiological responses to drug treatments and interventions.  They can simulate just about everything a real human patient would do, replicating realistic signs, symptoms, and patient conditions.  The high-fidelity manikins allow you to perform a robust head-to-toe physical exam and note any abnormalities you may find and form a treatment plan.  

A control room allows our faculty to observe the details of the training scenario unfold.  Our mobile simulation trucks offer both an ‘Emergency Room’ and an ‘Ambulance’ setting to cater to your particular agency’s needs.  Performance assessment of learning objectives is performed at the end of each scenario during a debrief, letting you know in which areas you need work and in which you did well.  It is a place for you to hone your skills and practice crisis management in a safe, controlled, educational, and non-judgemental environment. 

By using evidence-based simulation as part of not only initial but ongoing training, we are improving quality, safety, value, and service to the members of our communities.  We are demonstrating improvements in patient care and patient outcomes.  By accurately depicting actual clinical scenarios, simulation training creates better-prepared clinicians by giving them exposure to things that they may not experience frequently.  We may simulate more ‘common’ things such as stroke or trauma or the more low-occurrence but high-risk situations such as advanced airway management and resuscitation of the newborn.  

This type of education allows for providers to interact with ‘patients’ in a safe and realistic environment, more effectively improving skills and knowledge.  It helps you develop clinical reasoning, competence, and confidence.  High-fidelity simulation training maximizes learning and is transforming education.   

Through SIM-MT, one of our partner organizations,  Montana Obstetrics & Maternal Support (MOMS) for example, can provide mobile high-fidelity medical simulation to rural healthcare providers across Montana.  These simulations are an authentic representation, with a high degree of accuracy, to real-life circumstances. The scenarios that they will teach you about are precipitous delivery and care of the newborn.   As an employee of one of the 48 Critical Access Hospitals serving rural Montana, or of the almost 100 EMS agencies serving the state, you are very likely to have encounters that challenge your comfort level at some point in your career.  Fortunately, these types of patients are not very common, but they are potentially very high-risk.  It’s a fact that babies born in unplanned “out of hospital” environments are at increased risk of morbidity and mortality.  The simulations we offer can be just about anything to fit your needs, from high-risk OB to any other infant, pediatric or adult medical and trauma scenarios.

We cater to fulfill your needs and provide an opportunity for you to engage in the thinking and questioning that surrounds assessment, treatment, and interventions.   The interactive learning and teaching strategies allow you to think cooperatively, dialogue with one another on rationales for actions, and help you assess both the ‘what’ and ‘why’ surrounding patient care decisions. 

They help to demystify clinical reasoning as we teach the rationale for the interventions and actions that you’ve provided.  It’s a safe zone for preparing thoughtful clinicians for real-life, high-stakes patient care.  We help you develop core diagnostic skill and competency. You will learn prioritization, clinical judgment and clinical decision making. The degree of challenge can be catered to fit the needs of your particular agency.  

The best way to learn is by doing.  High-fidelity simulation training is a realistic, easy-to-use training tool that helps save lives. 

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