Simulation in Motion Montana Helps Train EMS Personnel

Picture of SIM-MT
Wednesday, Oct 10, 2018

Thanks to a generous donation from Rich and Donna Dengel and a grant from the Leona and Harry Helmsley Charitable Trust, 60 local EMS, RNs, Medical Assistants, Respiratory Therapists and ER physicians were recently able to take part in three days of simulation training.

The Helmsley’s Simulation in Motion program brings life-savings tools and training via mobile simulation to emergency medical responders across Montana. CMMC Clinical Education Coordinator Lisa Ash said the simulations held in Lewistown included a pediatric respiratory distress to failure scenario and an emergency neonatal delivery.

The program delivers the simulations through specially-equipped semi-trucks, equipped like an emergency room and the back of an ambulance. Another room contains the computer equipment where the simulation team controls the manikins. The manikins talk, breath, have heartbeats, and can react to medications and other actions of the learners. They can live or die, and can be revived over and over again.

Rich and Donna Dengel have a long track record of support for the medical community and set up the Friends of First Responders with CMMC Foundation (MCF) earlier this year in memory of their daughter, Darcy Dengel, who was a flight nurse. Darcy and two co-workers died in 2007 when their plane went down during a patient transport. “We believe it’s so important to make sure our First Responders are well-trained,” Rich said of their motivation for setting up the fund. “We enjoy doing something that will help the medical community. My dad gave me some advice long ago when he said to try and donate to organizations that help a lot of people.” Assisting the medical community accomplishes that goal.

Donna watched the simulation of an emergency birth and delivery and said, “It was truly amazing!” She is a former EMT and remembers that her training consisted of a movie watching a doctor delivery a baby. “They’ve come a long ways - this was so realistic and it is so helpful for these First Responders to have this hands-on training.” Lisa said a number of EMS teams from throughout Central Montana participated in the simulation.

“It was an excellent learning experience and so important for our EMS.” Lisa said they hope to continue to bring Simulation in Motion back again, as they offer other scenarios that would give local EMS valuable training. “It’s such a realistic way to train our EMS in a safe environment.”