Simulation Lab Prepares Doctors for Emergencies

Picture of SIM-MT
Wednesday, May 1, 2019

A traveling lab is helping healthcare providers in rural hospitals and clinics practice different medical emergencies. 

Doctors say there are only a handful of traveling labs like this around the country, and it could help save numerous lives in Big Sky country. 

Simulation in Motion is a non-profit that created create three traveling medical labs in Montana. 

Doctors say there is a wide range of possible medical emergencies they can create inside the lab, such as pediatric emergencies or complications with pregnancies and more, that healthcare providers can practice.  

Numerous doctors say their traveling lab helps them feel more confident in their skills and better prepared to handle critical situations. 

"Since [rural hospitals or clinics] can't afford to buy all of this equipment, maintain and run it themselves, this is a great opportunities for those providers out in smaller areas to have the opportunity to train on a regular basis," Darin Bell the Director of Director for Rural Education for the Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana said. 

Bell says the traveling Simulation in Motion labs are made possible by a grant by the Helmsley Charitable Trust. 

The three traveling labs target rural towns in Western, Central and Hi-Line regions in Montana. (READ MORE)